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Entry #4

You know what is needed?

2008-05-05 15:17:10 by vlady-hell

A Really good game, and im not saying a good game i mean AMAZING game.
I mean everybody got a hype over GTA IV but its not the best thing i played, seriously i read a review and it said the best game they ever played Not really, i mean its good but not the best.
Game developers should really start thinking of something new


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2008-05-06 18:02:31



2008-05-09 14:41:01

The greatest game ever has already been made.


Though when MGS4 or Haze comes out I think they'll take that award.

vlady-hell responds:

Hmm i dunno about that, I mean i like GTA IV but not the greates game,

Although i agree with MGS4 its gonna be amazing ITS EVEN MULTIPLAYER


2009-04-01 12:49:40

I think it's a good game