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You know what is needed?

2008-05-05 15:17:10 by vlady-hell

A Really good game, and im not saying a good game i mean AMAZING game.
I mean everybody got a hype over GTA IV but its not the best thing i played, seriously i read a review and it said the best game they ever played Not really, i mean its good but not the best.
Game developers should really start thinking of something new

You know what bothers me..

2008-05-04 12:13:46 by vlady-hell

I hate slow walking people in narrow paths...I JUS WANT TO PUNCH THEM IN THE BACK OF THEIR HEAD

Isnt it amazing?

2008-04-25 17:04:33 by vlady-hell

To be act silly in the public, and especially when there is alot of people.
Well you may not agree with me, but for the people that do agree. YAY for silliness

Appart from everything else newgrounds is awesome..
although when i play some games the freaking screen is too small of the button you have to click to start the game is at the bottom of the screen..and to get there you have to keep moving the window to the bottom..even then sometimes it gets annoying
appart from that newgrounds rules